Grimm’s “Double Negative” Release Gets Double Thumbs Up

Photo Courtesy and Property of Grimm Artisanal Ales

How many times have you purchased a 750 mL or 22 oz bottle of a “big” beer, only to have to finish its contents by yourself? Well, Grimm Artisanal Ales (Brooklyn, NY) is doing you a solid and releasing their 10% ABV Imperial Stout, Double Negative, in a much more personal-sized 500 mL bottle.

This award-winning Stout pours a luscious black with a tan head, which should get you ready for what comes next. Coffee, chocolate, and notes of dark fruit make up the aroma; a mix of traditional and complex aromas for a Stout. 

The appearance is the textbook Imperial Stout: creamy and thick, like motor oil. The flavor mimics the nose, but then adds a pronounced yet pleasant bitterness that finishes into a roasty finish.

Grimm Artisinal Ales was founded by Joe and Lauren Grimm in 2013. Initially operating as a nomadic brewery, where they would brew their recipes at other breweries, Grimm now has a permanent location in Brooklyn, NY. Check their social media and website for their newest releases.


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