Nappy Roots Set to Open Atlantucky Brewing


Photo Cred: Ian Steele

Yeah, you read the right! I missed this one somehow, but I’m thrilled to learn that Atlanta-based hip hop group Nappy Roots are friggin’ brewers, and they are going into business. I’m sure all of you reading from Pittsburgh are already well aware of this wonderful beer development. If you are unaware of who Nappy Roots are, just do yourself a favor and go to your favorite music streaming service, and turn on the happiest song ever written- Good Day. A summertime anthem that never fails to put a smile on any face. If you disagree, you’re certifiably wrong.

Anyway, aside from the fact that the storied group makes awesome music, they have been nurturing a love for craft brewing for a while now. According to an article by the Atlantic Journal, the group are planning to open a brewery and taproom called Atlantucky Brewing. The brewery will be located in Castleberry Hill, a downtown district of Atlanta. The group already has their brewery website up and running as well, which can be found here. 

The group began their craft beer journey in 2017 with a pretty solid looking repurposed-keg homebrew system. According to their website, they already have a REALLY solid lineup, divided and tabbed by style. Kentucky Mud Chocolate Stout is a nitro chocolate milk stout, brewed in collaboration with Arches Brewing of Hapeville, GA. Bluegrass Staind Double IPA is a hazy double IPA brewed in collaboration with Dancing Gnome Brewing of the FueledFam’s own Pittsburgh, PA. In a venture after my own heart in conjunction with Woodland Empire Brewing of Boise, ID, the group released a lager called Bootlager, a pre-prohibition style libation.

I will be watching with eager eyes to see how Atlantucky develops, and if I can’t get to Georgia anytime soon, let’s hope national distribution finds their way to this delicious-sounding beer. I’m a sucker for merch of any kind, and have had more than my share of band-themed beer, but I’m not certain I’ve ever had beers straight from the musicians brain to my belly. Check back later for more updates!


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