Froth Brewing Puts Interesting Twist On Fall Beer Fare


“Millions of peaches, peaches for me.” As the leaves start to drop, so do the new beer releases across the US. In upstate New York, Froth Brewing Company (Buffalo, NY) is layering on the flavors with their latest Fall release, Sourbet.

Shying away from the lagers and darker ales commonly enjoyed this time of year, Sourbet is just as much an homage to the season. This Sour IPA is brewed with the always classic Amarillo hops, which is the canvas for the accompanying additions of candied pecans, caramel, and peaches. 

The toasty, natural flavors of the pecans are accented with a just touch of brown sugar. Next is the caramel, which helps bring out a bit of the sweetness that can sometimes be absent in even the best-crafted IPAs. Last but not least, Froth adds in the last peaches of the season to bring out the sweet, slightly overripe flavors that complete Sourbet.

Released this past Friday, Sourbet is now available in 16oz 4-packs or by the case.