Can you lose fat, gain muscle, and build a better body… without giving up beer?

beers and a barbell

You want to lose fat and build a better body, but you don’t want to stop drinking beer. I don’t blame you. Only a cotton-headed ninny-muggins would forego stouts in favor of squats.

Good news.

You don’t have to give up beer to shed some your excess cargo. This isn’t Sophie’s Choice. It doesn’t have to be squats or stouts. It can be squats and stouts.

Don’t get it twisted…

In no world is drinking beer compatible with building a better body. You’ll have a much easier time losing fat and building muscle if you don’t drink beer. 

This is where you channel the mindset of Lloyd Christmas: So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance. Lucky for us, incompatibility isn’t a coup de grâce, which is a lesson I may or may not have learned from repeatedly watching every 1900s rom-com featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Drinking beer and building a better body may not pair together like lamb and tuna fish, but they can coexist.

Wanna know how?

You’re in luck.

My name is Anthony. I’m here to show you how I juggle beer, barbell, and everything in between. For a head start, check out Skinny-Fat Secrets, which is a free skinny-fat transformation guide on my website. I have a bunch of original content in the pipeline for you beer nerds interested in fitness, but you’re welcome to suggest a topic in the comments below or in the Fueled by Fitness group on Facebook.