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Ringing In Stout Season with Briar Common

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All you east coasters in the Fueled Fam have probably never heard of this one. If you have, please feel free to let me know I’m an idiot. Otherwise, please allow me to introduce to you Briar Common Brewery and Eatery. Located in Denver, CO, the small artisan brewery is committed to making high-quality and true-to-style ales. 

This week, the small brewing company announced the release of their first-ever anniversary beer, called Bramble in the Woods Stout. To clarify, this is not their first anniversary, as the brewery and eatery officially opened in 2016, but it is their first brew honoring their craft and history. The beer is slated for a Friday, October 2nd release, but was announced via the brewery Instagram on September 29. 

Now for the reason you’re all here- the BEER! Bramble in the Woods Stout is nothing to stick your nose up at. First off, it starts with the three most tantalizing letters that a stout description can have (in my opinion)- B B and A. That means bourbon barrel aged. Oh yeah. It also utilizes the ultimate descriptor for we degenerate beer drinkers- imperial. This means higher-than-average alcohol, and in this particular case, that is specifically a 9% ABV. According to the announcement, the beer has bright chocolate and roasted coffee flavors, with blackberry notes as well. The brewery used barrels from Woods Distillery to age this brew for nearly a year. 

The beer will be available at the taproom starting Friday, October 2nd at 11 am. If you live in the Denver area, then you have been treated to some seriously nippy nights lately, and this rich, burly brew is sure to help fight the cold. Get some while it’s fresh, and keep your eyes and ears open for more news from this humble Colorado brewing company. 

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