Monkish and Side Project Mix and Match to Create Three New Releases

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Monkish Brewing (Torrence, CA) and Side Project Brewing (St. Louis, MO) have teamed up to brew and release a trio of beers for this first week of October.

All The Puzzles is a wild ale made with local California-grown malt and open fermented. It is then aged on French Oak puncheons along with both breweries’ homegrown mixed cultures. For that extra touch, it is refermented in cork and cage bottles for an additional ten months to give it an effervescent body. 

Their next collab, Castle Walk, is a wild ale that begins with the same malts and puncheons as All the Puzzles. The exception is that it is then aged on plum and apricot hybrid fruit. Whoever heard of such a wonderful thing? If you were wondering about the name, it may or may not have to do with the brewers’ trip to White Castle. 

Last but not least, Million Dollar Backpack, is a double dry-hopped Double IPA. Brewed with Galaxy, Cashmere, Vic Secret, and the classic American hop, Centennial, this 8.1% ABV beer brings the flavor and aroma as a DIPA should.