Episode 46: “Will someone please send Scottro beer?” plus Extra Credit with Phil from Voodoo Brewery New Kensington

The Fueled By Hops Podcast with Ryan and Scottro

On today’s episode Ryan and Scottro roll solo!  We start by hearing about Ryan’s recent experience taking a “self-administered” coronavirus test (hint: he didn’t enjoy it).

Following these traumatic details, Ryan sips on one of the latest beer drops by Tattered Flag Brewery who is now shipping statewide via TatteredFlagSupplyDrop.com.

Scottro then awards Hitchhiker Brewing with the “beer that produces the best-tasting burps”.  (Don’t ask).

The duo begins the discussion of Wawa and Sheetz entering the craft beer market which segways in to a discussion of major brands starting to collab more and more with craft breweries.  Ryan sees this as being one of the next big trends in craft beer.  He even makes a bold prediction that Nike makes a collab craft beer..

Scottro and Ryan then talk about whether their beer preferences change with the weather.  Ryan admits that it’s always stout weather before they run through some of their favorite stouts.

Before they wrap things up, they discuss Sam Adams buying Dogfish Head.

As part of the extra credit portion of this episode, Ryan sits down with Phil from Voodoo New Kensington to talk all about that latest brewery to open!


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