Weldwerks Toasts the Denver Nuggets


Photo Cred: Weldwerks Brewing Company

Weldwerks Brewing Company is fast becoming a household name in the world of craft beer. With signature brews like Juicy Bits Hazy IPA, Extra Juicy Bits DDH IPA, and more super-rich beers than you can even keep up with (seriously, I dare ya), the prolific but relatively young company continues to capture the attention of beer enthusiasts across the nation, even some beyond the reach of their distribution. Yeah, that’s a subtle nod to all you “yeast sample” shippers. I see you. I’m proud of you.

On Monday, September 28th, the brewery announced via Instagram the newest addition to their lineup, which they lamented that, “While we wish this release announcement was coinciding with an epic game tonight, we are still so, so happy for its release.” The Prost Malone! IPA pays homage to the Denver Nuggets head coach Mike Malone, who made mention of the brewery in an interview early in the stages of the COVID crisis. More specifically, he said he would grab some Juicy Bits and ride his mountain bike to figure out how to move forward. Well, the brewery has now returned the favor, and named a beer in his honor, as well as playing on the name of Post Malone, who’s that guy with some catchy tunes and way too many face tattoos.

The IPA is brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops, which should make for a super-tasty hoppy ale in the precise Weldwerks style. All three of those hop varieties present strong fruity/citrus notes in various ways. Citra, naturally, is the most citrus-forward, whereas Mosaic is similar with stronger bittering properties. The beer is a right-in-the-pocket 6.7% ABV, making it just strong enough to get the job done quickly, but just light enough to afford your brain one or two more cans. You earned it, you lovely Fueled Fam member.

The brewery is limiting to six four-packs per customer, with the release reserved for taproom and limited Denver distribution only. It officially drops Wednesday, September 30. So for those of us who aren’t super closeby, we may have to miss this one. But fear not! As I said, the brewery is quite prolific, and your time will come. Prost, y’all.