Cushwa and Imprint Beer’s New Sour Collaboration

Cushwa and Imprint Electro-Schmooj cans with a glass full of orange beer overflowing with foam
Electrofruit and Schmoojee collaboration

Imprint Beer Company and Cushwa Brewing collaborated on Electro-Schmooj Strawberry Amaretto Cake. They brewed this pastry sour ale with Strawberries, Amaretto flavoring, and vanilla. So this beer packs sweet strawberry cake flavors with a sour punch. Imprint’s Schmoojees with sweet adjuncts are delicious. For example, last week’s Blurrier collab with 450 North consisted of a variety of fruit, coconut, and marshmallow. The contrasting sweet and sour flavors create an explosion of flavor. Imprint’s Schmoojees and Cushwa’s Electrofruit beers aren’t ones you want to miss. Set your alarm’s for Imprint’s pre-sale, so you can secure a pack.

Cushwa is located in Williamsport, Maryland. They specialize in heavily fruited sour ales they call “Electrofruit.” These beers are similar to Imprint’s Schmoojees, so what could be better than a collaboration from two fruited sour powerhouses in the craft beer industry?

Imprint is the highest-rated brewery in the Philadelphia area. They produce a wide variety of heavily fruited sours and double dry-hopped New England IPAs. However, their Schmoojees remain their top seller during COVID. They focused on Schmoojees after having to close their doors for the pandemic. This isn’t a bad thing because Schmoojees are delicious. However, they still release IPAs and pastry stouts made with their house Split Theory coffee beans.

Online pre-sales go live on Imprint’s website this Friday, October 2nd, at 3 PM. Both Imprint locations in Hatfield and Pottstown are open for pickups, so they are easily accessible from both Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley. In addition to Electro-Schmooj, there will be a variety of other beers available for pre-sale as well.

PHOTO: Cushwa Brewing