Boys Are From Märzen: A Women in Beer Podcast is a Must Listen!


Boys are from Märzen: a Women in Beer Podcast is hosted by Kindsey Bernhard, a taptender at Gallant Fox Brewing in Louisville, KY. The Kentucky native has a likeness for talking all things beer but due to Covid-19, her position as Membership Coordinator at the Kentucky Guild of Brewers was compromised. Much like the rest of us working in the industry, she was forced to get creative with the spare time she had and thus, Boys are from Märzen was born!

Boys are from Märzen gives listeners the opportunity to hear, first hand, the stories and experiences of women in the beer industry. Her guests range from brewers and bartenders, to taproom managers and educators. Kindsey believes that all aspects of brewery jobs are important, and wants to share the stories of women working in a male driven industry, in hopes of changing the public’s perception of the face of craft beer. (Admit it, you’re used to thinking of a white guy with a long beard.)

Kindsey gained a love for craft beer while studying Sports Journalism at the University of Kentucky, (shout out to Country Boy Brewing’s Cougar Bait Blonde.) She ended up landing a gig at a Rockhouse Brewing and says, “after working in the beer industry, you get a new view for it.”

She attempted to work a “desk job” with her degree for about 8 months, and soon realized it wasn’t meant for her. She thought she ought to head back to the industry she knew she loved, but wasn’t too sure on how to obtain a more solidified role in craft beer. Then she learned that Cincinnati State University had a Brewing Marketing and Sales certification program and completed it in a year.

I had to ask, what is Kindsey’s all-time favorite / most memorable brewery? Her answer: Sierra Nevada in Fletcher, NC, just outside of Asheville. “I left with my jaw dropped … They still use whole-cone hops, which you never hear about breweries doing [that] anymore, breweries use pellets or oils or something. The fact that they use whole-cone hops is mind boggling, especially on their scale. They’re environmentally friendly with solar panels, which I really liked. One of my all time favorite OG beers is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, so to go to the source and drink it was just amazing.” Kindsey also noted that she was blown away by their production capacity.

 You can stream Boys are from Märzen: A Women in Beer Podcast on Apple and Spotify. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @boysarefrommarzen for solid beer content and beer reviews. If you are a beer fan and would like to hear some cool stories from the female movers and shakers in the industry, you’ve got to check this out!