Episode 45: “Nick Forgot To Invite Alex” ft. Nick from The Weekly Recap podcast and Dennis from First Sip Brew Box

The Fueled By Hops Podcast with Ryan and Scottro

On this week’s episode, Scottro and I are joined by Nick from The Weekly Recap podcast.  Like we do with every episode Nick joins us on, we went in without much of an agenda (just like Nick and his brothers do on their show).  

So, we started off with some beer news and opened up a discussion about beer festivals and their future.  Ryan tells us about his “Charity” beer festival idea that morphed eventually in to the Cheers, Yinz Fest.  

Ryan then talks about his upcoming trip to Richmond, VA and how much he loves drinking at the breweries in RVA.  The trio then starts talking about the most underrated breweries in Pittsburgh and start reminiscing about the old nightlife days in Pittsburgh (does anyone else remember the Boardwalk in the Strip??)

Nick tells us about how he accidently ticked off Voodoo on his podcast (he felt really bad about it!) Then Ryan and Nick talk about their ability to remember numbers (weird).

Nick then tells us about his brother’s experience at Acrospire Brewing, a new brewery in the Pittsburgh area.  The Weekly Recap then tells us how he didn’t think to invite his brother on the podcast (sorry, Alex!) but starts giving us more information about his show.

We wrap the interview with Nick up by talking about honesty in craft beer and how we should be honest with breweries when talking about their beers.  

As part of the EXTRA CREDIT portion of this episode we sit down with Dennis from First Sip Brew Box.  Dennis tells us all about his story of building First Sip Brew Box, a monthly subscription or one-time gift box for the ultimate craft beer enthusiast.