veil wetferrari
veil wetferrari

The Veil Releases Wet Hopped Double IPA, wetferrari

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Not only is it time for apples and pumpkins to be picked, but it is also time for the hop harvesting season. You cannot get hops any fresher than right now. So naturally, breweries like The Veil Brewing (Richmond, VA) are making sure they get their share. With it, they bring to us wetferrari.

Coming in at 8% ABV, wetferrari has “round, juicy tropical fruit, melon, peach, and candied orange, resiny, sticky,” tasting notes. Using whole-cone wet hops (i.e. less than 24 hours after they are harvested), The Veil souped-up their finest Double IPA, whiteferrari, and hit it with nearly 600 pounds of fresh Citra hops.

Acquiring these hops by over-night freight from Oregon, this kind of wet-hopped ale is rarely seen on the east coast. The catch here is that this beer is only available once a year, during the hop harvest. It literally gets no fresher than this, so stock up now and drink it FRESH. 

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