Hudson Valley Crafts Unique Farmhouse Sour for Fall


The fall season is upon us, and it is not uncommon (but rather popular) to see breweries put out one, if not multiple pumpkin-spiced beers. While tasty, it is always refreshing to see a brewery put out a beer that fits the season, yet breaks away from the norm.

This Fall, Hudson Valley Brewery (Beacon, NY) is releasing their homage to the season, Valley Beer Fall 2019. A light-bodied beer with immense complexity, this release fits the mild weather perfectly. 

This is not an easy beer to create. First, all the wheat and barley used is 100% locally grown in Hudson Valley’s home state of New York. It is then fermented in their foudres (think large wooden vats) with wild yeast and souring bacteria. After it is aged in oak wine barrels for one year, it is bottle conditioned for nine months to provide effervescent carbonation. 

Truly a labor of love, this Sour Farmhouse Ale showcases Hudson Valley’s commitment to their craft. My suggestion is to take a break from the pumpkin beers this season and enjoy the complexity that is Valley Beer Fall 2019 (if you can grab a bottle).