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TRVE Brewing is a personal favorite of mine, as I am a die-hard metalhead, which is the concept that lies at the core of the brewery. The taproom is adorned with black-and-white photographs of old run-down houses, local art, and a giant Baphomet flag behind the bar. The music is, by nature, deafening, but only if you move towards the back of the space; the front has a sliding door and the music is a little less blaring toward the street. Whether or not this is your type of scene, this is definitely your type of beer. Known mostly for mixed-culture ales, this brewery also produces clean styles for the non-funky among us.

The brewery announced the release of the new farmhouse ale via Instagram, stating “THE 2020 HARVEST IS IN, AND WE’VE GOT A RIPPER FOR Y’ALL.” This particular release is a variant of their longstanding Cosmic Crypt, a farmhouse/saison style Pale Ale. According to the announcement, this beer is fresh off the canning line, and features a whole pound of sweet Colorado cherries per gallon in the batch. The cherries are specifically from Colorado’s Westrern Slope as well.

The post goes on to say that “The subtlety of a farmhouse base beer allows for an unadulterated whole cherry experience. Always a super small batch, Cherry Crypt is available now on draft and in 16oz four packs for enjoyment or pickup at the taproom.” Sounds suspiciously like this stock is not going to last long, so for those of us outside the city limits of Denver (which accounts for a huge majority of the Fueled Fam), we’re not likely to get a taste of this wonderfully refreshing-sounding beer.

TRVE Brewing is a truly unique beer experience and is a sight to behold for metal fans and beer drinkers alike. I have personally witnessed a longtime taproom server announce last call by slamming a roughly 15 inch gong and shriek across the chaos of a late-night taproom “LAAAAAAST CAAAAAAALL!!!!” Everyone got the message. If you get the opportunity, this place is highly recommended. Cheers!

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