4 Noses Releases Lotus Rising IPA


Photo Cred: Ian Steele

For those unfamiliar with 4 Noses Brewing Company of Broomfield, CO, it’s high time you got familiar. Known for artisan ales found on craft liquor store shelves across the state, the brewery is a family-owned endeavor founded in 2014. The brewery Facebook event page announced the newest addition to their lineup this week- the Lotus Rising New England Style IPA brewed with Lotus hops. 

According to the announcement, this is the brewery’s first experimentation with Lotus hops, and they added that they “…even sprinkled some Nelson hops into this recipe!” For those unfamiliar with Lotus hops, they are a relatively new variety (2019) of brand-specific hop developed by Hopsteiner. They feature a high Alpha Acid content and moderate Beta Acid content, with notes of “orange, vanilla, berry, tropical fruits” according to the Hopsteiner website. 

The brewery describes the beer as hazy with a citrus-forward aroma, with notes of tropical fruit and a fluffy mouthfeel. Sounds like an ideal hazy. The announcement did not make mention of the alcohol content of this particular beer.

The brewery is known for experimental styles, and that is plainly evidenced by the offerings currently on their taplist. According to the website, “Mango Velvet” is a “heavily dry-hopped NEIPA (milkshake) with mango puree, peach puree, vanilla beans, and lactose sugar,” with a 6.5% ABV. They also produce classic styles for the beer purist, such as their Perfect Drift German-Style Pilsner, described as a “Crisp and refreshing German-Style Pilsner, with a brightness derived from Cascade hops.”

The brewery currently only distributes throughout Colorado and select cities in Missouri, so for the Fueled Fam, unless you know somebody nearby who can mail you some “yeast samples” (wink wink nudge nudge), you may be out of luck for the time being. Otherwise, grab some of this new IPA while it’s fresh!