Bash Brew Bashes Cancer with Charity Drive!


Photo Courtesy of Bash Brew

This week, I wanted to let yinz know about some folks who are doing a lot of good in the craft beer world. In times where things feel uncertain, good is still present and people are still lending a hand! 

Homebrewers Adam and Laurie Bashline, AKA Bash Brew, create some of the tastiest beers in the ‘Burgh. I’ve been fortunate enough to sample a few of their brews in the past year.  From the White Chocolate Milkshake to the Dad Shoes lemon shandy I’ve sampled, they are truly masters of beer. This week, they announced an awesome way that we all can sample their beer and do some serious good. 

As we all know, those who are immunocompromised have been more affected by COVID, and have even more to worry about than most of us. This includes those battling breast cancer. Bash Brew has decided to do their part for those battling breast cancer by raising money for Glimmer of Hope Foundation. A Pittsburgh based charity, this foundation is dedicated to further breast cancer research.

For a ten dollar donation to Glimmer of Hope (they are accepting cash or Venmo – @bashbrew), you will receive 2 bottled beers of anything that Bash Brew currently has available and a Bash Cancer sticker. They will not be reimbursing themselves for any of the supplies for the beers, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the charity. Curbside pickup will be an option, as well as possible pickup opportunities at local breweries.

To kick off the effort, they’ve debuted a new beer! Save the Tea-Teas, a hibiscus blonde. Brewed with Sasquatch hops, this beer has some unique floral and citrus notes and is bright pink in color! At the moment, the Smoked Poblano Pale Ale and Cucumber Wheat are also available. Future brews include the Pumpkin Roll Stout (Yum.) and the Apple Fritter Beer. They will be accepting donations until November. All of these sound amazing! 

This is an excellent opportunity to try some amazing beers from some of the best homebrewers in Pittsburgh, and support a great cause at the same time! You can make donations starting on the 21st. Questions? Feel free to message Bash Brew on social media (Facebook, Instagram) with any concerns. 


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