A Farewell to Boggy Draw?


Photo Cred: Ian Steele

You really hate to see it. As the pandemic surges onward, the brewing industry continues to feel the squeeze. The pandemic’s most recent sudsy victim is Boggy Draw Brewery of Englewood, CO. This is another unfortunate reminder that those of us who enjoy our craft brews and want to continue enjoying them need to get out and support as often as we can afford. It’s really double the motivation- drink delicious beer, save the beer world. Has there ever been a stronger excuse to stock the fridge?

Boggy Draw first opened in 2015 as Englewood’s first craft brewery, with a mission to produce fine, handcrafted British-style ales by owner, founder and brewer Dave “BEEF” Miera. They have a rotating taplist of 16 beers at any given time, such as the Elkspresso Coffee Stout, Bear Canyon Black IPA, and many others. 

On Thursday, September 17, the brewery announced some regrettable news via their Facebook page. The post announced that the pandemic had struck the brewery particularly hard, and due to the financial difficulties brought on by it, the company has been forced to close their taproom indefinitely. “Nick, Chrissy and BEEF will be pouring the last beers from Boggy Draw’s taps Saturday, October 3rd. Last call comes when everyone’s ready to leave,” the unfortunate post reads.

Fortunately, however, the post also comes with a message of hope. “But fear not. The team is going to work hard to keep the Boggy Draw name — and signature beers like Space Cowboy Cream Ale, Es Bueno ESB, Lemon Drop Pale Ale, Val’s Tears of Love Sour — alive. We’re actively researching some light distribution options that will at least keep Boggy beer on shelves until we can resurrect the beloved taproom.” Let’s hope this proves true, as every microbrewery in the nation could use a spot of good luck right about now.

If you live in the area and are able to buy Boggy Draw beer, this is your moment to be a literal savior. A sultan of suds, if you will. If the brewery is able to continue production and keep their beers on shelves for to-go purchase (off-premise, obviously), then they may just make it through. This is your chance to proudly (and honestly) say you had a large hand in helping re-open a brewery that has fallen on hard times. Cheers friends, drink up, and good luck to Boggy Draw.