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Bow & Arrow Brewing Hazy Release

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Photo Cred: Bow & Arrow Brewing

Bow & Arrow Brewing of Albuquerque, New Mexico have just released their all-new Tropical Fortune Hazy IPA. With a modest 5.8% ABV, the beer is well-balanced with citrus-forward hops, including Amarillo, Citra and Cashmere. For those unfamiliar with that last name, Cashmere hops are light in flavor but full of rich aromas including stonefruit, making it a perfect fit for the hazy style. 

For those unfamiliar with Bow & Arrow Brewing, they are the country’s only brewery to be owned and operated by indigenous women. Opened in 2016, with a commitment to brewing finely-tuned craft beer. Founded by Shyla Sheppard, their company website describes a passion-driven endeavor to build the right team with a mutual vision, piece by piece, person by person. 

Since their inception, the brewery has put out a vast array of beers, including the recently released Hazy mentioned previously, as well as recent seasonally-appropriate Marzen. Quite frankly, their online menu for to-go orders from their taproom is very impressive. With at least 17 varieties to choose from right this second, the brewery is a must-visit for those traveling to the southwest. The brewery was also recently featured in a Forbes article, which can be found here.

Some of their current beers on the menu include another hazy IPA called Scenic West Hazy, several sours including a strawberry sour called Strawberry Amigo Fruited Sour, a blonde ale, a Mexican-style light lager called Rancho del Sol, an oatmeal stout, an American pilsner, and amber ale, and many others. With an emphasis on sours, the brewery proves that it can create all types of beer and remain true-to-style, while maintaining flavorful innovation. Also found on this online menu are a few super-cool merch options including caps and masks. If you have the opportunity, be sure to pick up some of this delicious sounding beer. 

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