Side Project Brewing Steps into New Territory with Mexican Chocolate Stout


Whether intentional or not, Side Project Brewing (St. Louis, MO) has released its Mexican Chocolate inspired Imperial Stout, Ambiente, in time for Mexican Independence Day on Sept. 16th. This 14% ABV beer brings back early brewing memories for the Side Project Team, where an early version of it was brewed almost 10 years ago.

The brewery is making a foray into brewing with adjuncts in this beer. A combination of Ghana Cocoa Nibs, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Fresh Ground Cinnamon, and Dried Ancho Chiles are utilized to bring out the sweet and spicy characteristics associated with Mexican Chocolate. 

The barrels they use for this beer are carefully selected to fully bring out and accentuate the right flavors in the adjuncts and beer. For the whiskey enthusiasts among you, they use a combination of 4 Roses, Jim Beam, Willett Rye, and Buffalo Trace barrels for 19 to 33 months (depending on the barrel). 

Making sure all the ingredients and barrels work harmoniously, Side Project has done an excellent job of jumping into the adjunct world. Hopefully, this is a stepping stone into a new array of beers for fans.