Yellow Bridge Brewing Reopens on Friday!

Yellow Bridge Brewing Reopens on Friday!

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Photo courtesy of Yellow Bridge Brewing

Oh, Midweek. We’re halfway there, friends.  With 2020 being the strangest of years, we could all use a little more positivity right now. And I’ve got some great news for this weekend! 

Yellow Bridge Brewing will be reopening for onsite drinking and meals this weekend! Starting Friday, head out to Delmont (around 45 minutes away from the city) to enjoy some of their amazing brews.

Throughout the pandemic, Yellow Bridge has offered takeout options for those who venture out to Delmont. This week, they’re offering some great can options for the brewery’s reopening! 

First is an offering in their dude series, Little Dude. An old favorite, this brew pours with a light straw color and is heavy on the hazey goodness. At 5.4%, this beer drinks smooth and ends on a juicy note. This is a pale ale that demands to be tried!

Next, this one goes out to all you pastry stout fans. The Midnight: Mint Chocolate Chip Imperial Stout is available for online ordering already! Packed with mint, cacao nibs, vanilla and lactose, this stout is an excellent end of summer treat. I scream for this ice cream beer!  

Travel over to Yellow Bridge this weekend for some tasty brews and food! Pit Take BBQ will be offering food to purchase onsite. Live music will be going on from 6-9p to enhance your evening out. Don’t forget to bring your mask and follow all social distancing guidelines.  Sounds like a perfect Friday night! Congrats on opening back up to the public, Yellow Bridge! 

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