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Imprint Beer Company Drops 450 North Collab (9/18)

Pink and purple beer cans of Imprint Beer Company and 450 North Brewing's collab, Blurries

The ever-popular brewery out of Indiana, 450 North, released a new version of their Imprint collab last week. However, Imprint is releasing the original Blurries Slushy/Schmoojee collab this week at their Hatfield and Pottstown locations. Imprint and 450N brewed Blurries with Coconut, Marshmallow, Banana, Blueberry & Boysenberry. Additionally, they are selling a Blurries Milkshake at their Hatfield location this weekend.

Imprint Beer Company’s Milkshake IPA series dubbed Swirl sell like hotcakes. For example, their first anniversary Key Lime Pie Swirl drew hundreds of customers who filled Imprint’s parking lot and the entire stretch of Industry Road. This weekend, they are releasing the Puffsicle Swirl, inspired by Imprint’s Puffsicle beers with marshmallows. The addition of marshmallows adds a layer of sweetness to complement the bitter hops in the Milkshake IPA.

Fans go crazy over the Puffsicle Schmoojees and the Milkshake IPAs. As a result, the combination Puffsicle/Milkshake IPA will draw interest from fans all over the country. They are releasing a Vanilla Latte Puffsicle alongside the regular Puffsicle Swirl as well. Imprint brewed the Vanilla Latte Puffsicle with their own house-roasted Colombian coffee beans. They are selling the coffee beans at their locations and online for nationwide shipping.

The sale begins on their biermi this Friday, September 18th, at exactly 3:00 PM. The Schmoojees sell out quickly, so a Schmoojee/Slushy collab won’t last more than a few minutes. Other releases include a new edition of the Membrain Sour IPAs and Single Origin Colombian Coffee Beans. They brewed this Membrain with Strawberry, Pink Guava, & Yuzu and hopped it with Belma and Rakau hops.

PHOTO: Imprint Beer Company

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