Holy Sheet(z)!


Photo Cred: Sheetz/Hardywood Park Brewing Company

What a time to be alive! It’s 2020, the whole world is going up in flames, aliens are real, the country’s on fire, but Sheetz has come to the rescue with another signature beer brewed in collaboration with a small craft brewery- namely Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, of Richmond, VA. The regional convenience chain has released beers before, including a blueberry beer brewed in collaboration with Evil Genius Brewing Co of the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, if any of you are unfamiliar, but I doubt it). 

This time around, Sheetz and HPBC really swung for the fences. The beer, called Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring, is brewed with classic watermelon gummy rings, but more specifically, the Sheetz brand of the delectable treat. The beer is a wheat ale, and weighs in at a modest 5.3% ABV, and is described as “light and refreshing,” with a characteristic tartness that comes with the territory of both wheat ales and the candy for which the beer is named. 

The beer is notably small-batch, so it will be available for an extremely limited time, just as the rest of the Sheetz line of collaborative beers has been. Here’s the best part though- four packs of 16oz cans are only $7.99! What a steal! These days, a $13+ price point seems almost like a minimum, especially with beers as limited as this one. I predict a rapid sell-out. This will also be the first time a Sheetz-branded beer will be available in North Carolina and Virginia. Sheetz and the brewery ask that everybody abide by social distancing/CDC guidelines for the September 11th release. Sheetz is also strictly adhering to ID laws, especially considering masks are mandatory in public spaces in much of the country. If anybody in the area feels like expediting a 4-pack for ya boy, I will pay you back in digital compliments. Cheers, east-coasters!