The Hottest Philadelphia Eagles Beers Right Now

Two green beer cans of the Philadelphia Eagles beer Bleed Greenrrr and a glass filled with a yellow-colored beer

Everyone knows about the regional breweries that produce beers inspired by the Philadelphia Eagles. You can find Weyerbacher Dallas Sucks and Flying Fish Go Birds at your local distributor or on tap at your favorite bar. However, I thought I’d name a few Philadelphia Eagles beers by smaller breweries. This post focuses on heavily dry-hopped IPAs you can’t find at the store. We know you’ll need a lot of these after that performance on Sunday.

Rebel Hill Bleed Greenrrr is a triple dry-hopped version of their original Bleed Green IPA. They previously released a DDH version but took it to the next level with this one. It pours a turbid yellow color and has a 4.28/5 on Untappd. Consequently, Bleed Greenrrr tops the list of Rebel Hill’s highest-rated beers on social media. This beer is on the same level as breweries like Tired Hands and Imprint.

Second Sin Brewing Home Phield Advantage 4-pack features four different color combinations that represent each Philly sports team. Although this beer doesn’t solely feature the Eagles, the one beer can comes with a green label. The labels also feature red (Phillies), orange & black (Flyers), and red & blue (Sixers)labels. Second Sin Brewing hopped this DDH NEIPA with Citra and Centennial and packs notes of peach, mango, and pine.

As for the other hype breweries around Philadelphia, Imprint Beer Company once released a series of IPAs inspired by the Philadelphia Eagles called Gang Green.

PHOTO: Rebel Hill Brewing


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