Hudson Valley’s “Cadence” Showcases the Team’s Brewing Chops


In a season usually remembered for pumpkin-spice brews, it is always refreshing to see a brewery go the more traditional route and honor the annual Oktoberfest celebration. This season, Hudson Valley Brewery does just that with the release of their Helles Lager, Cadence. 

While not as prominent as say a Marzen during Oktoberfest, Helles style lagers certainly have a place in the pantheon of German beers. This pale-colored lager is softer and less hoppy than their Deutsch counterparts, with a touch of sweetness to compliment a slight spicy hop finish. 

Brewed with Pilsner and Vienna malt, and hopped with the German Saaz and American Zuper Saazer hops, Cadence offers a clean, refreshing taste to compliment all of the traditional Oktoberfest fare this season. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong pairing this beer with some bratwurst and sauerkraut with a dollop of spicy mustard. 

What is always impressive about these lower ABV styles is their simplicity. Hudson Valley doesn’t drown Cadence in hops or make it so boozy it hides any mistake. Two malts, two hops, water, and yeast. That’s it. The brewers are the ones that shine through, perfecting their brewing technique to produce one of the more traditional styles to the highest degree.

Cadence is available now for curbside pickup at the brewery.

(Photo by Patrick Capriglione for Hudson Valley Brewery)


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