La Cabra Brewing Introduces Beer Mail!

Box of four packs of 16-ounce cans from La Cabra Brewing

La Cabra Brewing began shipping beer across the state of Pennsylvania yesterday. They follow in the footsteps of local breweries Tired Hands and Levante Brewing, who were among the first to deliver beer to Pennsylvania prior to the pandemic. Area breweries, now including La Cabra, jumped on the bandwagon to reach more customers following a drop in sales.

The Berwyn brewery is known for its juicy IPAs and creative fare. They have two restaurants on the Main Line outside of Philadelphia that serve Latin-inspired dishes. You should check them out if you’re in the area, though, or read about their restaurants here. Failing that, La Cabra now delivers their beer directly to your house. There is a $15 flat-rate shipping fee, and they use UPS. As per usual, you must be 21+ in order to sign for it. You can order their beer for shipping throughout the state of Pennsylvania here.

Keep an eye on La Cabra’s releases. They just released a lighter version of their house juicy IPA, Hipster Catnip. I suspect they will follow in Levante Brewing’s footsteps and brew a Triple IPA version of Hipster Catnip in the coming months. For example, Levante’s Quad version of Tickle Parts sold out online in a matter of minutes. It became one of Levante’s most sought after and highest rated on Untappd beers. The eventual La Cabra Triple Hipster may be equally as popular.

PHOTO: La Cabra Brewing


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