Equilibrium Uses Only the Best to Showcase Rare Coffee Collaboration

Equilibrium Uses Only the Best to Showcase Rare Coffee Collaboration

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Equilibrium Brewery (Middletown, NY) believes that a collaboration beer should show the sum of its parts rather than just putting ingredients together. That is why when discussing a collaboration with 2020 Micro Roaster of the Year, Mostra Coffee (San Diego, CA), they wanted to make sure they used the best barrels of the best barrel-aged beers they had. The result is the Barrel-Aged Stout, Project Blue Mountain. 

Using their highly touted stout base, Swiss Bliss, Project Blue Mountain now holds the unofficial record for the longest barrel-aged beer produced by the brewery, at 17 months. They aged this stout in oak barrels formerly holding Buffalo Trace Whiskey, a notable detail on its own.

Mostra provided one of their rarer coffee varieties, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, to add a unique complexity. The terroir in the coffee’s Caribbean environment makes it highly sought after. 

The marriage of these two artisans produces a beer that is not only sophisticated but simple in order to accentuate the unique flavors both teams bring to the table. Available beginning September 9th, get your own bottle while supplies last.

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