Top 3 Most Interesting Food Trucks At Philly Breweries

Close-up of egg rolls in a paper tray from one of the popular food trucks

This is not a comprehensive list of food trucks. This is a brief list to highlight food trucks with the most interesting options. Highlights include old-fashioned BBQ with sophomoric names, creative egg rolls, and classic Filipino dishes.

Madi’s On A Roll is one of the most popular food trucks serving breweries in the Philadelphia area. Madi quit her corporate day job in 2018 to follow her dream of serving delicious egg rolls to the masses. The menu includes classics like Buffalo Chicken and inventive flavors like Apple Pie. You can order pre-packaged egg rolls and sauces here. Alternatively, visit her at one of the area’s breweries! She will be at Ten7 Brewing in North Wales this Thursday, September 10th.

Babalouie BBQ serves some of the best smoked meats in the area. Their delicious BBQ is the perfect pairing for ice-cold beer! Menu items include “Ribs For Her Pleasure” and “Back That Ass Up Brisket.” You can also get classic BBQ sides like Collard Greens and Mac n Cheese. Follow them on Instagram for updates on where they will be serving. Although this food goes great with beer, you can also order catering.

Tabachoy Philly serves delicious Asian-inspired cuisine. They served Filipino favorites atop vegan garlic fried rice. Bowls include Pork Adobo, BBQ Chicken, and Tocino, described as sweet and salty cured pork shoulder. Tabachoy means chubby or fatty and is a joke nickname among Filipinos. So come on down, and become a Tabachoy with this delicious food and your favorite beers! Not only can you catch them at your favorite breweries, but you can order catering as well. This weekend they will be at Neshaminy Creek Brewing in Croydon on Sunday, September 13th.

PHOTO: Madi’s On A Roll