Six Beers for Six Years

Six Beers for Six Years

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Photo Cred: Strike Brewing

Strike Brewing of San Jose, CA will be celebrating its anniversary a little differently this year. Where they and many other breweries would hold a large party in their very own honor, for obvious pandemic-related reasons, this was not really a valid option for the brewery this year. Considering that this article is being written from a state (CO) where snow is expected literally next week, the thought of a brewery party in sunny San Jose getting the ax is doubly disappointing. 

The California brewing company did not allow this to deter them from holding festivities. In lieu of their yearly early-October blowout party, the brewery announced via an Instagram post that they would be honoring their collective birthday in a slightly different vein. Starting today, Friday September 2, the brewery will be releasing a new beer every Friday for the next six weeks. Quick math has informed me that this is one beer per operational year. Neato!

Thursday, September 3rd, saw another Instagram post from the brewery, announcing the first in this ongoing string of releases. The first beer is called Pennant Haze will be released in 16 oz cans as well as on draft, and, as the name implies, is a hazy IPA. The post describes the beer as “…packed with Strata and Callista [hops] for unbelievable raspberry and pineapple hop character.” The caption itself doesn’t advise on the ABV, but being the crafty and savvy investigative, hard-hitting journalist that I am, I was able to determine that the beer is 7% ABV. (To be perfectly clear, I zoomed in on the photo. A-plus detective work, I know.)

Six years is no small feat for any small business, and Strike Brewing continues trudging ever forward. Check back on the company Instagram for updates regarding the ongoing releases, upcoming events, and more. Cheers to six years!

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