Sobel’s Obscure Brewery is the Master of Beer Events in the ‘Burgh Right Now

Sobel’s Obscure Brewery is the Master of Beer Events in the ‘Burgh Right Now

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Photo courtesy of Sobel’s Obscure Brewery

One of the things that I’ve really missed from the craft beer scene during the COVID era are brewery events. As the world tries to get back to normal(ish), we’re crawling out of our apocalypse bunkers to a brave new (but also socially distanced and masked) world.

Enter Sobel’s Obscure Brewery. Located a few miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Jeannette PA, this father-daughter team has been making us laugh with their COVID-inspired social media posts, teaming up with us here at Fueled to create a fitness themed beer, and opening their own pop-up tap garden. To say they’ve been busy would be an understatement. They continue to create killer events for us to enjoy safely during these crazy times. 

Friday, September 4th, they are pairing two of my favorite things. Ice cream, which is the quintessential summer treat, and craft beer. Simply head out to the brewery tomorrow from 6-8pm. Glen’s Custard, an ice cream shop located in Springdale, will be at the tap garden. For $18 per ticket, you can enjoy six beer and ice cream pairings to start your Labor Day weekend off right. I can’t think of anything more perfect! 

Interested? Tickets are available in advance on the event’s Facebook page. More of a spontaneous person? You can just walk up and purchase during the hours mentioned above. Can’t make it? This brewery is cooking up more events soon! Enjoy a summer treat during the unofficial end of summertime at Sobel’s this weekend! 

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