Other Half Takes Green City IPA Celebration Virtual for 2020

Other Half Takes Green City IPA Celebration Virtual for 2020

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With six months of pandemic nearly behind us, breweries have had to think of creative ways to stay afloat and keep their patrons interested. Leave it to New York favorites, Other Half Brewing, to (literally) think outside the box with the virtual version of their Green City celebration.

Green City 2020 is taking Other Half’s annual Green City festival and adapting it to fit the socially distant climate. With the release of their Green City 24-Pack and Expansion Pack the first week of September, Other Half is showing how breweries can reinvent the way they interact with their fans. 

With over a dozen different beers, Green City focuses mostly on the brewery’s love for the IPA, which includes multiple hop varietals and more collaborations than can be listed.

This year, there is also a media component to go along with their releases. Starting September 4th, Other Half will be debuting their Green City YouTube channel, as well as their virtual game, “Broccoli World,” the following day. While neither of these will be breaking the internet, it is refreshing to see a brewery attempt to combat the negative effects of the pandemic from a marketing strategy perspective. It will be interesting to see if more breweries take this virtual approach to help drive customer engagement.

Click here for more Green City 2020 information.

(Photo Courtesy of Other Half Brewing)

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