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Insurrection Aleworks Makes some of the SICKEST IPAs in the Game!

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Photo courtesy of Insurrection Aleworks

This one goes out to my IPA loving friends, and there are a lot of you. For the longest time, I was convinced that IPAs were harsh, bitter, and tough to drink. I steered well clear of them because of this. However, I learned early on in my beer journey that IPA doesn’t have to mean bitter hop bomb! 

Insurrection Aleworks is changing the game when it comes to Pittsburgh IPAs. Heavy on the aromatic side of hops, this brewery is quietly boasting some of the best modern examples of this style. Located in Heidelberg, this joint is a hit you cannot miss! 

Don’t be intimidated if the letters I, P, and A scare you. As I have told many friends, look at the tasting notes (the subtitles, as I call them) regarding the beer to secure a winner. For example, into blueberries? The release for this week, Rain Dogs, is an IPA loaded with citrus and blueberry flavor. Love mango? Check out Wading in the Velvet Sea, a DIPA hopped with citra and finished on mango, pink guava, and milk sugar. The moral of the story here is that there is something for everyone – embrace the IPA wave, my friends! 

Haven’t had anything from Insurrection yet? Change that pronto, friends. This brewery is absolutely slaying it in the IPA game and beyond. They also specialize in really unique artisan ales. Check out the Merph, for example. This is an american wild ale brewed with strawberry and rhubarb. Sounds like the perfect beer for Labor day weekend! Love sours? Check out the Velvet Lightening Mango-Guava. No matter your tastes, they’ve got you.

Insurrection is currently open for to-go beer only. If you check out their website, delivery options are available throughout certain areas of the ‘Burgh.  Visit Insurrection Direct for more information regarding delivery options. Check out one of these awesome brews today and let us know what you think!!

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