Horror and Craft Beer fans, look no further than Scarlet Lane Brewing


Photo Courtesy of Instagram @scarletlanebrew

It’s September 1. Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably ready to whip out the Halloween decorations and immerse into the spooky spirit. If you’re looking for a brewery who holds down the Halloween vibes all year long, look no further, Scarlet Lane is the spot for you.

Launching in May of 2014 in a suburb of Indianapolis, which has since grown to 5 locations, founder and head brewer Eilise Lane wanted to embody her main passions in life: beer, dogs and horror.

At SLB, you’ll find beers named after your favorite fictional and sometimes non-fictional characters, (i personally love the Helter Seltzer line / reference!) and amazing beer and food. (may I point you toward their SoBro Taphouse and Asian Pub. Banh Mi’s. yum.)

Photo courtesy of Scarlet Lane Brewing

Alright, so you’ve made it. What beer do you order first? I say go with Eilise’s favorite, the Dorian series, named after Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and much like the character’s portrait in the book, the Dorian Oatmeal Stout changes flavor profiles from the approachable Coconut (the very first beer Eilise produced for SLB) to the more complex Dorian Millionaire, which showcases sea salt and caramel. Clocking in at 6% and rated 4.18 on Untappd, it’s a stout that is sure to please. 

Eilise is brewing on a 20 bbl, 3 vessel system. “Water is so important,” she says, something she learned while brewing in Oregon. Prior to opening SLB, she trained at the American Brewers Guild in VT and became a brewer at Fort George and Ninkasi in Oregon. She’s looking to expand with more experimental ales in the future and hopes to take up beekeeping on site, which would be so beneficial, since she brews with a ton of honey throughout the year.

Head Brewer and Founder, Eilise Lane. Photo courtesy of instagram @scarletlanebrew

Aside from being a badass boss lady and head brewer, Lane is actively supporting the empowerment of  women in the beer industry. SLB was backed by primarily a female investment team and employs more women than men in upper management. (way to go, ladies!)

I asked Eilise if she had any words of encouragement for women thinking about opening their own brewery. She says, “Talk to anyone, talk to everyone. Ask questions.” You can even visit their website and connect to Lane herself to discuss concerns about taking the leap of brewery ownership.

As a female in the beer industry, I truly appreciate the inclusivity and encouragement that Scarlet Lane Brewing offers to everyone, especially women. Cheers to this female powerhouse and the “Official Beer of Horror!”