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Photo Cred: Ian Steele (yes, that’s the actual lyric book from my very own CD copy that I STILL have from 2002-ish)

I love when breweries team up with bands to produce exclusive beers. Mastodon has a kellerbier from Mahrs Brau, Clutch had a sour stout from New Belgium, and now, Deftones have teamed up (again!) with Belching Beaver Brewery to produce a Double Dry Hopped IPA inspired by their seminal album White Pony. The post on the band’s Instagram announced the Friday, August 28th release, with availability spanning 11 states.

The Brewery Instagram page posted a fourteen minute detail video describing the beer, which was brewed in honor of the 20th anniversary of the album’s release. As mentioned, the beer is a Double Dry Hopped IPA featuring an extensive hop bill with 6 different varieties included, with the video calling Mosaic and Amarillo as the primary hops. The beer is also described as tropical, medium bodied, and the ABV is 7%. The total batch was 320Bbl, which is 9,920 gallons, so this is an extensive but certainly limited release. 

The band themselves collaborated on the beer, and they get final approval according to the brewers, who said in the announcement video that “the band gets the beers before we do!” As a die-hard metalhead of all varieties and forms, I wish I lived in one of the distribution states. As an avid can-and-bottle collector, this beer would make a fantastic addition. White Pony influenced countless musicians, songs from the tracklist were everywhere, and the album achieved platinum status. I’ve always thought that, like music, beer and brewing are the perfect marriage of art and science, so when one can inspire the other and vice-versa (musicians like booze, right?), I think something really beautiful and intimate comes into existence. Cheers to Deftones, cheers to new beers. 

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