Branch and Blade Brewing x Blaze Brewing – Burning Love: Peach Cobbler

Burning Love: Peach Cobbler
Photo Courtesy of Branch and Blade Brewing. Artwork Cred:

Sometimes, can art just grabs your attention and you can’t look away. That’s exactly the case with this awesome can from Branch and Blade Brewing and Blaze Brewing.

The breweries collab’d on Burning Love: Peach Cobbler, a 7.0% “sour ale with lactose, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, marshmallow and an abundance of peach added”, as they describe.

The can art was completed by and features a hand holding a heart on an awesome orange backdrop.

If this can goes over nearly as well as the last iteration of Burning Love, you should probably jump all over this as soon as you can.


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