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Bring Oktoberfest Home With Thin Man Brewery

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It has been over 70 years since Oktoberfest in Germany was last canceled. Sadly, 2020 will join the list of fest-less years. However, Thin Man Brewery (Buffalo, NY) is still determined to help you celebrate from the safety of your home social circles.

Thin Man is releasing their takes on a classic German-style lager, a Marzen, which is often (and appropriately) called an Oktoberfest. They have made this usually sessionable style much more Americanized while still staying true to the beer’s Deutsch roots. 

They brew their beer, Das Schützenfest, to 9.2% ABV strength, which is nearly double that of a traditional Marzen. This is not for the sake of just making a big beer. The brewery brews this stronger version so they can age it in Templeton Rye barrels. This lets the beer take on the spice of the rye and vanilla from the oak while not overwhelming the toasty bread and caramel flavors of the style. 

If you are looking for something more traditional, the brewery also offers a classic take on the style as well. Lower ABV and non-barrel aged, their Oktoberfest beer is designed to pay homage to the style and to allow you to enjoy a few.

Lass uns das bald mal wiederholen!

(photo courtesy of Thin Man Brewery)

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