Black and orange 16-ounce beer can of Root Down Brewing Fly Boys Pilsner
Black and orange 16-ounce beer can of Root Down Brewing Fly Boys Pilsner
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The Best Philadelphia Flyers Themed Beers Available

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Photo: Root Down Brewing

The Philadelphia Flyers made it to the second round of the playoff for the first time since 2012. Now you can support the only worthwhile Philly sports team and local breweries at the same time! Even if you’re not a Flyers fan, you can still enjoy these tasty beers while they’re available.

Flyers Beers (Available Now)

Schmoojee The Black and Orange S’mores is available from the Philadelphia area’s favorite hype brewery today (8/28) at 3 PM. Imprint Beer Company‘s famous Schmoojees are thick, heavily fruited sours. These beers made with heavy doses of fruit puree are popular all over the country with craft beer connoisseurs. This sour contains Orange, Blackberry, Marshmallow, Chocolate, and Graham Cracker. But you gotta be quick! The Schmoojees sell out on their beirmi site in under a minute most weeks. Imprint once brewed a stout named Bullies with a Gritty cartoon on the label, but they changed it to Blue Line Goons (along with the label) after they received a C&D letter from the Flyers organization. The original Bullies label can be seen at their Hatfield taproom.

Root Down Fly Boys: The Phoenixville brewery dropped a new “crispy boi” this week. Root Down dry-hopped this Czech pilsner with Motueka and Pacific Gem hops. At 5.3%, it’s perfectly crushable and light enough to be enjoyed outdoors. This beer pairs perfectly with a custom t-shirt featuring the Flyers and brewery’s logos combined.

Yards Big Hayes-y 13 is named after Kevin Hayes of the Philadelphia Flyers. Nearly every beer distributor in the area sells this beer. The Untappd page describes this beer as “a Hazy Double IPA that explodes through the offensive zone of your palate with orange, mango, and rich tropical fruit. This beauty of a beer is superbly balanced and pours a bright, hazy orange color.” This Double IPA clocks in at 8.7% and is certain to knock your teeth out.

Gritty Beers (Unavailable)

On the other hand, when the new Flyers mascot debuted, an array of beers featured his playful, yet somewhat scary appearance. These include Broken Goblet Nightmare Fuel, Brewery ARS Gritty Gruel, and Stickman Brews Eat Your Landlord. However, I didn’t want to include them with the above beers because this is a list of beers that can be enjoyed while watching the 2020 playoffs. Once again, these Gritty beers are not available.

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