How Do You Like Them Apple Brandy Barrels?


The Veil Brewing Co. is always searching for new and inventive flavors for their beer.  For their newest release, they stay true to form to bring us a new twist on an “old” beer. 

What we get is Apple Brandy Curtains II. This beer is the result of taking a collaboration beer between The Veil and Hudson Valley Brewery and then morphing it into its own unique creation.

First, they start with a 14% ABV imperial stout that the two breweries made back in 2019. This original base beer is lovingly placed in Laird’s Apple Brandy barrels for 14 months. But instead of just bottling it when it is done aging, the brewers add another layer (or four) during extraction: pineapple puree, Virginia clover honey, coconut flakes, and fresh-cut Madagascar vanilla beans. 

The end product is a fantastic representation of both breweries. We can definitely age this beer, or, if we can’t wait, enjoy it as soon as we bring it home.