Food Truck Profile: Pittsburgh Tortas and their AMAZING sandwiches


Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Tortas Truck

Food trucks are my favorite places to grab grub. We are blessed to have many amazing trucks here in Pittsburgh that frequent breweries – no matter where I go, I come across amazing food! 

One of my favorite trucks in Pittsburgh is the  Pittsburgh Tortas truck. Serving Mexican-inspired sandwiches, count on them for some tasty grub to enhance your next brewery experience. This is so much more than your quintessential tacos and burritos. 

A torta is traditionally known as a mexican street sandwich served hot or cold on a crusty roll. Yum. One of my personal favorites that the truck serves is the verde chicken – it’s the perfect combination of chicken, sauce, vegetables and beans. Seriously, it makes me happy every time I have it.

Not a chicken fan? Don’t worry, there are other options. Vegetarian options exist with a portobello torta and a fried eggplant torta. There’s also a carne asada option for you steak lovers out there. YUM. And these are just the standard options. The specials sound out of this world! 

For the most accurate input on the specials that Pittsburgh Tortas serves up, check out their social media. They’ve done mexican pizzas, a fried chicken torta,  rice bowls, and speciality burritos. I’ll take one of everything please! 

Pittsburgh Tortas frequents many breweries throughout the week. You can catch them at Dancing Gnome and Roundabout Brewing  weekly to get a taste of these phenomenal sandwiches! Recently, they’ve also frequented Learning Cask, Acclamation,  and Allegheny City so be sure to check out Social Media to see where they’re headed next! Grab one of these amazing sandwiches and let us know what you think!