Lonely Day 2020 Beer Releases at Resident Culture


Need a friend to help fight those COVID Blues? How about a special release from the team at Resident Culture Brewing Company down in Charlotte instead? 

You’re in luck because starting Friday, August 21st, the lottery for their Lonely Day 2020 stout release will open up to the public. While there will be a handful of variants of this barrel-aged goodness, the main prize is the Twice As Lonely variants. 

Taking their base stout, Lonely Universe, and turning it up a few notches, this 13%  ABV release was brewed with double the cocoa nibs and coconut of Lonely Universe. If that doesn’t excite you, they also have a coffee variant brewed with Single Origin coffee from local Charlotte roaster, Pure Intentions. 

You’ll have till August 25th to enter the lottery for your chance to purchase the Lonely Day 2020 releases. With a rating of 4.5 on Untappd, there is no doubt that this beer will be worth the effort. 

Detailed information on entering the lottery and pick up information for Lonely Day 2020 can be found on the brewery’s social media and website https://residentculturebrewing.com/