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8 Philly-Area Breweries With The Highest Untappd Ratings

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Whether breweries like it or not, online ratings are very important these days. They can make or break a brewery’s popularity regardless of the quality. Popular styles like thick stouts, sours, and New England IPAs receive the highest overall ratings on Untappd. Brewing these styles yield the highest overall online ratings as opposed to pilsners and other traditional styles.

The pandemic also brought higher online ratings to limited release beers. Prior to COVID-19, breweries reached more customers with indoor seating. Customers brave the humid Pennsylvania weather for outdoor seating, but the majority of business is takeout. Takeout limits the number of customers who purchase and subsequently rate the beers online. Fewer ratings result in higher averages.

The majority of these breweries produce heavily dry-hopped IPAs. Tired Hands brews some of the most popular IPAs in the area. However, “Tired Hands” isn’t the only popular brand of theirs. Their Little Log Cabin spin-off beers also receive high ratings on Untappd. I’ve personally had the Little Log Cabin Triple IPAs, and they were delicious.

Second Sin recently opened in Bristol, PA. Their IPAs were popular at beer festivals prior to opening, but now they have some of the highest-rated IPAs in the area. For example, Every Town Needs A Dojo has a 4.22 rating on Untappd.

Sour beers receive high online ratings like IPAs and Stouts. Imprint pioneered the Fruited Sour in the area, and Fermentery Form brews mostly Farmhouse Ales. Imprint’s Schmoojees generally get ratings around 4.5/5 on Untappd, customers rate Human Robot’s “Splash” sours highly as well. Imprint sells beer for on-site consumption at their beer garden but the original location in Hatfield in takeout only. Fermentery Form is currently open Thursday nights and by announcement only for takeout only.

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