Custom Glassware at Philly Breweries

Custom Glassware at Philly Breweries

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Photo: Human Robot Beer

Custom glassware is all the rage among craft beer enthusiasts. In fact, collectors sell them for twice their original value once sold out. Local breweries took advantage of the popularity by releasing their own. One of the first to do so was Human Robot Beer in Philadelphia. Human Robot Brewing‘s glassware release was one of the most popular in the Philadelphia area. Their “Autobot” glasses sell like hotcakes!

Human Robot’s Autobot glasses are a reference to the brewery’s name and modeled after Transformers characters, and they all come on 17-ounce Nordic Cooler glasses. “Human” refers to the classic beer styles, and “Robot” refers to the modern beers they produce like hazy IPAs. The first Autobot glass sold out in less than a day. As a result, the second release sold quickly. They’ve been doing this for some time now. Human Robot’s latest post states the last glass will be available next week (8/24-8/28).

Nordic Cooler glasses are one of the most popular styles. Nordic Cooler glassware holds an entire 16-ounce beer that other styles don’t. Glass capacity is only an estimate. Therefore, 16-ounce Willi Becher and Goblets can’t actually hold the full 16 ounces. However, 17-ounce Nordic Coolers and larger glasses in other styles are able to hold a full beer.

Despite the popularity of the release, Human Robot isn’t the only brewery in the Philadelphia area to release custom glassware. Levante Brewing in West Chester once gave away custom Nordic Cooler glassware with orders of full cases through their Mercury home delivery service. Hidden River Brewing (Douglassville, PA) also sells glassware in various styles that feature their turtle logo. However, these glasses aren’t sold often and sell out quickly. Customers just have to get lucky if they want an HRB branded glass.

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