Single Hop Awesomeness: Cinderlands has FOUR Test Piece Beers Out Now!


Photo Courtesy of Cinderlands Beer

IPAs are all about the hops.  West coast or New England, IPAs live or die on that flavor profile. They can be juicy, sometimes dank, often bitter, but are always a flavorful treat. They have captured the heart of many a beer nerd. If you’re a hardcore IPA-er, you may even have a favorite hop too. This house stans vic secret and citra personally.

Not sure which hop steals your heart the most? Many breweries throughout the ‘Burgh have single hop beers that isolate the unique flavor of these wonderful flowers. Usually, they occur in the brewery’s can rotation, such as Dancing Gnome’s Jam Series and Four Points’ Overbranded series. Cinderlands’ Test Piece series is a personal favorite of mine. It’s affordable, accessible, and tasty. This week, there’s a HUGE opportunity on the single hop table.

Cinderlands Beer now has FOUR types of the Test Piece series available for can pickup. FOUR. That’s HUGE!!! The Citra, Strata,Vic Secret, and Galaxy entries are ripe for the picking! At 16 dollars a four pack, that’s a fun experiment to have this upcoming weekend! All of these beers are also available in the warehouse for on-site consumption if you want to hold the experiment on premises with some of Cinderlands’ delicious food! 

New to the hop game? Here’s some guidelines to help you out: Test Piece: Citra – This beer is chock full of mango juiciness. Expect bright flavors with a full mouthfeel! Test Piece: Galaxy – Expect tangerine aromas, with papaya and bubble gum taste. Test Piece: Strata – Plenty of pineapple aroma and ripe peach taste. Test Piece: Vic Secret – The newest addition to the single hop party, is a smooth and easy drinker with a nice tropical fruit juiciness. Head over to Cinderlands this weekend and let the experiment begin! Let us know which one is your favorite!