Low ABV Beers In The Philadelphia Area


Photo Credit: Warwick Farm Brewing

In a surprising turn of events, low ABV beers gained popularity over the summer. In a craft beer climate where high ABV hazy double IPAs and pastry stouts sell like hotcakes, their lower ABV counterparts popped up throughout the area in the past few months. Following the popularity of craft seltzers, local breweries are producing other low ABV alternatives to satisfy their thirsty customers. Although not as popular as IPAs and stouts, the low ABV options provide more variety than ever before.

One of the first and most popular breweries to jump on the bandwagon was Warwick Farm Brewing (Jamison, PA). Over the past few months, they released various Pilsners. A Czech Pilsner debuted this week that is still available through their website. Their pilsners are more flavorful than your average pils from the grocery store, so grab one while you can!

On the other hand, pilsners aren’t the only low ABV beer gaining traction in the craft beer world. Levante Brewing (West Chester) released a low ABV alternative to their house “Tickle Parts” beer. Additionally, La Cabra (Berwyn) released a lighter version of their ever-popular “Hipster Catnip” IPA.

Imprint Beer Company‘s Schmoojees have always been popular, but other breweries recently started releasing their own fruited sours. Human Robot Beer (Philly) releases low ABV “Splash” beers often. In addition, Lost Tavern Brewing (Hellertown) and Ten7 (North Wales) jumped on the thick, fruited sour bandwagon. Lost Tavern’s “Double the Jams” and Ten7’s “Don’t Gose Outside” are low in alcohol and high in flavor. Alternatively, thinner low ABV sour options are available at breweries like Stable 12 (Phoenixville) and Workhorse (King of Prussia).