90’s Kids, Drink and Be Merry with Dunkabroos


Photo Cred: Martin House Brewing

I’ll be honest, I didn’t see this one coming, but I feel like I should’ve. Long before my beer guzzling days, I was knocking back packs of Dunkaroos at lunchtime. For those not fortunate to have enjoyed these wonderful treats as a child, they are wonderful little snack packs with cookies made to dunk in the supplied and attached icing cup. My personal modus operandi was to eat the cookies with as little icing as possible so that the fateful final cookie could be entirely engulfed in the aforementioned sweet, creamy confection attached to the cookie tray. Now, as an adult, those of us lucky enough to have fond memories of the once-discontinued treat are able to enjoy them again, and enjoy a beer pairing to boot. 

Martin House Brewing Company of Fort Worth, TX, tapped into a deep-rooted vein of 90’s nostalgia, and timed it well, too. Dunkaroos have just made their comeback in recent months after a long discontinuation, and the ale release from the Texan brewery is styled specifically after the vanilla-cookie-vanilla-rainbow-sprinkle flavor, which just so happens to be this author’s favorite of the bunch. 

The ale is brewed with real cookies, vanilla cream and real rainbow sprinkles. It also comes in at an impressive and exciting 8% ABV. The brewery announced the beer via Instagram on August 15th, to be released in 4-packs at $20 per. They posted a limit of 4 4-packs per person, but posted a sold-out notice only two days after the beer’s initial release. The second Instagram post says that the brewery “…didn’t expect it to be as crazy as it was… We will make much more next time.” Let’s hope that this proves true and that those of us not within the borders of Texas have an opportunity to try this beer in the future.