Altered Genius collabs with Wigle Whiskey on ‘Lazy Chestnut’

Altered Genius - Lazy Chestnuts
Altered Genius - Lazy Chestnuts

Our friends over at Ambridge, PA-based Altered Genius Brewing Co., recently collaborated with Pittsburgh-based Wigle Whiskey.

The two Pittsburgh producers created Lazy Chestnut, a 6.0% ABV bourbon chestnut brown ale comes in at just 35 IBUs BUT features some of the sickest Austin Powers-themed can art we’ve seen to date.

The label features an ode to Dr. Evil in his patented “pink to mouth” stance, in front of a load of chestnuts.

Do you catch the reference to Austin Powers here? If you remember, the scene where Dr. Evil is talking about his father referring to chestnuts as “lazy”… well it’s cool if you don’t remember, we got the clip cued up below!

Lazy Chestnut is a limited release, so make sure you stop by Altered Genius’s tap room to pick up some 4-packs.