Are single-hop IPAs here to stay?

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Photo credit: Second Sin Brewing. Artwork By Tara Clayton (@taralynnclayton)

A trend that appears to be increasing in popularity in the Philadelphia area is that of single hop IPAs. Breweries with highly rated New England IPAs have debuted series of IPAs that use the same recipe while alternating the featured hop in each version. Human Robot in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood recently began producing their Single Axis beers that follow the same recipe but feature a different hop in every batch.

Second Sin, a brewery housed in Broken Goblet Brewing’s former location in Bristol, PA, recently introduced their Singularity single hopped New England IPAs as well. The debut hop in Singularity was Citra, a hop the brewery tells me they have contracted at a set price.

Although Citra is more expensive than other American hop varietals, it is among the most popular along with Mosaic and Simcoe. While these hops are found in a lot of American beers, Citra has a commanding floral and citrus aroma that makes for great IPAs.

Warwick Farm Brewing, an up and coming brewery in Jamison, also featured Citra hops in some of their IPAs. Their Citra Sensation New England IPA and Super Citra Double IPA are among some of their most flavorful and highly rated beers. They float around a 4.2 out of 5 on apps like Untappd, something that makes beers more desirable to patrons. Follow these breweries on social media for updates on their next single hop releases.