Are fruited sours taking over the Delaware Valley?


Seeming to have taken the craft beer world by storm in the past few years, fruited sours are now one of the most sought after beers by beer lovers across the country.

450 North Brewing in Indiana spearheaded the popularity of fruited sours with their SLUSHY XL beers, drawing hundreds to line up every week, but these beers aren’t your regular Gose style beers with some fruit juice. They are thick smoothie-like beers made with large amounts of fruit puree.

Breweries in Philadelphia and the surrounding area are now creating their own versions of heavily fruited sours to appeal to fans of the recent trend.

The most notable of these, Imprint Beer Company, in Hatfield, PA, has built themselves a reputation with their Schmoojee series of heavily fruited sours that are equally as popular as the 450 North SLUSHIES by the craft beer community.

The smoothie sours are popping up at other breweries in the area as well. These include Human Robot’s Splash beers and Lost Tavern Brewing’s Jams.

Thinner, more refreshing versions of fruited sours are popping up all over the Delaware Valley as well. Stable 12’s Fresh Picked series and Workhorse Brewing’s Margarita, a sour ale brewed with lime and salt, are much thinner than their fruit puree alternatives and are perfect for relaxing in the Summer heat.

Regardless of their palette, the Philadelphia area has a variety of fruited sours for craft beer fans.