Fat Tire Fights Back


Photo Cred: Ian Steele

This week, New Belgium made national news with what seemed to be a righteous and unfair marketing move- but that comes from a surface-level look. For International Beer Day, several retailers of the flagship beer brand hiked the price of a single six pack to $100. Again, on the surface, this looks like a ridiculous and disproportionate price hike- but dig a little deeper, and you will find that the brewery hiked the price of this highly-prevalent beer to draw attention to the fact that if something is not done about climate change soon, we could all live to see a day where beer becomes $100 per sixer. What a nightmare.

This marketing tactic comes after Fat Tire became the first beer in the United States to receive a carbon-neutral certification, as reported by CraftBeer.com. The titan of craft is also committing to make its entire business carbon neutral by 2030. The seemingly superfluous ten-time increase in price is a call to action for the entire beer industry, as well as its consumers, to enact policies and procedures to curb climate change and global warming, which threatens all agriculture globally, not just those related to beer (coffee for instance- which is this author’s favorite beverage of all time- is high on the list of endangered agricultural products). 
New Belgium has strived for minimal-impact production and practices since their inception, and the carbon-neutral certification they have just received is a massive win. According to the article posted at craftbeer.com, New Belgium works to achieve their goals by onsite production of electricity through wind, solar and biogas technology, they established the first carbon footprint study as it pertains to beer, and have donated more than $17 million to the cause. To learn more about how New Belgium is working toward sustainability across the beer industry (and how you can get involved as a consumer), you can visit their handy website: www.drinksustainably.com. Don’t let our beer become a distant luxurious dream! Get involved now and keep craft beer cheap and alive!