A Farewell to Somerville Brewing


Photo Cred: Ian Steele

The pandemic has officially overstayed its welcome, and everyone is feeling it. In particular, Somerville Brewing of Massachusetts has officially decided to cease all operations, pointing the finger at the global crisis. For those unaware of the name Somerville Brewing, you might be more aware of the Slumbrew line of craft ales for which they are responsible. The announcement came by way of Instagram, and the news comes with an extra-heavy heart.

The brewery’s outdoor beer garden, brewing operations, and second location called the American Fresh Brewhouse will all be permanently shutting their doors. The statement reads “Having plenty of time to think, rest and reset we have decided to close for good… We’ll look in on you from time to time and share our next chapters… Slainte!” The post also makes specific mention of the many people who helped pave the way for their success, from taproom servers all the way to wholesale distributors and draft accounts. There is an outpouring of love and well wishes in the comments section of this unfortunate post.

With another victim at the hands of the pandemic, things seem all-too-uncertain for just about every small brewery in America. Can manufacturers are opening plants, increasing efficiency and production, and importing cans however they can to provide for the alcohol industry, but the crunch is still completely visceral for those who do not order by the truckload. Several months in and microbreweries everywhere are taking this fight day by day, doing what they can to stay afloat. As loyal craft beer drinkers whose love for the craft and the product runs deep, it is our responsibility to support the people who make our brews, so that we can keep drinking them. Raise a glass to another fallen alcoholic ally, and toast to their future successes.