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Burgh’ers Brewing Debuts Canning Line with Black is Beautiful

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Photo courtesy of Burgh’ers Brewing

There’s a myth that still persists among some beer drinkers that good beer comes in bottles, and lesser quality beer is found in cans, but I’m here to tell you that cans are overall a much better packaging option for beer. With zero light exposure, and dissolved oxygen than bottles, cans will help your beer last longer and there’s less chance of experiencing any off flavors. Cans are also lighter than bottles, and infinitely recycleable!

I’m excited to announce that one of my favorite places for a beer and a bite, Burgh’ers Brewing, has purchased a canning line and is releasing their first beer in cans this week, and they’ve chosen an awesome and important beer for their debut run! 

Starting on Saturday, August 8th, Burgh’ers’ take on the Black is Beautiful beer will kick off their journey into the world of canning. This collaboration with Weathered Souls brewing has taken the craft beer world by storm and for a good reason! 100% of the proceeds from this beer will be donated to the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh Area. This organization strives to enable African Americans to secure economic self reliance, parity, power and civil rights. 

But that’s not all! Burgh’ers is also releasing their Fresh Fest Collaboration, Palette. A hazy IPA brewed with plenty of citrus flavor, with a special focus on pineapple, this is one that shouldn’t be missed. Named to reflect the value of variety and differences in individuals, this collaboration will be a great release for the hazeboi crowd. Brewed with C.B. Perry, a local artist, this one is a beer not to miss! 

Both of these tasty, important beers are available in both the Lawrenceville and Zelienople locations Saturday. Can you believe the awesomeness? I will definitely be picking some up this weekend! 

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